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Our Company was started in 1988 as M L Collins, Inc  and provided residential and commercial plumbing construction, in Southern Arizona. We have completed a large number of successful project over the years. Red Lobster on Broadway, El Rio Center,  Kinkos/ UPS Store Building on Speedway, Dialysis Center at Holy Cross in Nogales, numerous stores in Tucson and Park PLace Mall are a few we recall.

In 2000, We started PlumbHappy as a company devoted to service plumbing. We also became members of a plumbing affinity group, PSI,  dedicated to the improvement of delivering quality plumbing services. We have learned much thru this association and the sharing of best practices by hundreds of plumbing compzanies thoughout the United States and Canada. We strive to utilize these quality and value ideas in our service to our clients

M L Collins also operates Backflow Prevention Specialties testing service for meeting commercial customer requirements for their water providers. We can  repair backflow prevention assemblies, test and provide complaince reporting forms to all water providers in the area. Contact is 792-3411 by phone, 792-0699 by fax, and backflowpreventionspecialties@gmail.com.